About buckstar

From a young age, music coursed through Buckstar’s veins, fueling a passion that would soon become his driving force. Raised on an eclectic blend of reggae, dancehall and other genres, Buckstar found his true self in dancehall.

Buckstar’s father listened to loads of different reggae and dancehall artists. But he didn’t catch the dancehall virus ‘til much later. Back when Buckstar was only going by the name Delano, he accidentally broke his father's Yellowman - Blueberry Hill record. Recently he gifted him a framed Blueberry Hill record as a replacement for the one he broke many years ago. He remembers breaking that record like it happened yesterday.

Buckstar's first encounter with dancehall (that he actually liked) is something that he recalls vividly. He just got his own computer with an internet connection and came across Tek Buddy Gyal, a tune by Vybz Kartel which inspired him to check out more artists; Ninjaman, Bounty Killer, Mr Lexx and Beenieman - his current work is heavily influenced by previously mentioned artists. Around the same time he started his Dancehall clashes DVD collection and to this day he still checks them out regularly.

Buckstar started his musical ventures back in 2012 but it wasn't until 2021 that he started releasing his work. He recently released a vinyl with a compilation of his favourite tunes.

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